About Us

Moshi Moshi Watermelon is a small South Florida based group run by three girls; Ellis, Panda, and Panchii! We started out in 2014 after realizing our desire to sell all things kawaii. Since then we’ve sold at over 40 conventions and our numbers continue to rise! We hope to slowly move up to other states and expand our fanbase so that we can provide our unique products to more people around the country ❤

From our first convention in November 2014 to our latest one in January 2018, Moshi Moshi Watermelon has striven to work hard to sell quality items to our customers.  Our favourite part of selling at conventions is seeing all the repeat customers come by our tables! We’ve built friendship with so many customers because of our love for what we do as well as our welcoming personalities ❤


❤ Ellis is the head artist and is usually found working on future products almost every single day! She loves putting characters in fashionable clothing and sitting at tables talking with customers~

❤ Panda is the head crafter and loves to work on many different projects! Despite being a master procrastinator, she always manages to pull through with the most kawaii of accessories~

❤ Panchii is the newest addition to Moshi Moshi Watermelon! Although she’s new to the vending scene, she loves to help out as much as she can and is an incredibly hard worker~